La Voix du Nord


DiXe and Timothé Scott from Claire Siméon hit the headlines! (read more)

First tournament of PuXes


The first PuXes tournament took place this weekend in Ludinord. We would like to thank all the participants!... (read more)

Ludinord 2018

24/03/2018 to the 25/03/2018

Friends, just a week and we will be at the festival Ludinord (more information on We will see who is the best PuXe player!!!... (read more)

Festival International du jeux de Cannes 2018

22/02/2018 to the 25/02/2018

The Wakan Tanka family will be in Cannes for the international festival of games from 22 to 25 February... (read more)

Interview Tellement geek


A DiXe interview on Youtube? Yes, you can find it at: !... (read more)



"Vibrate rollers, the DiXe application is online!

How to reach it? Nothing more simple, you have 3 possibilities:

1. Scan a DiXe with your telephone (activate please, the NFC);

2. Scan the QR below;

3. Or check for "DiXe" in Play Store.


See article on facebook.

Lud'hainaut 2017


Hear rollers friends! This weekend takes place the Lud'hainaut's board games festival in Onnaing. It is organised by Lud'Hainaut and Cédric Guidez We will be present for the occasion on Saturday, do not hesitate to pass on our stand to discover & play DiXe !... (read more)

Radio campus


Powpowpow! DiXe assaults the radio Friday at 5 pm! No way to gag Max the super speaker of "Eh! pile poil la compil" on campus radio 106.6 Mhz!... (read more)

Baraqu'ajeux 2017


Les Zebrillons Font Leur Festival! To all the interesting people who wish to know more about the mysterious universe of DiXe we will be present to the festival Baraqu'ajeux which will take place on Saturday, November 18th at Zuydcoote France. It is organised by Les zébrillons du jeu et Fabien Humetz... (read more)

Opening of the account facebook


DiXe® is a set of games based on the use of connected dice. These dice (DiXes) can be collected to enrich the games and rise in prestige in the DiXe universe. A character is (read more)