Scan and play: connect your DiXes!

DiXe is one of the first physical games to use video game mechanics.

DiXes contain NFC tags that can be read by most recent mobile phones.

DiXe can be "read" with its mobile by approaching it to less than 2 cm. Each NFC tag is unique, which makes the DiXe unique.

A central server, with which the mobile application exchanges data, contains the references of all the DiXes.

Each DiXe has its own virtual identity that evolves according to the uses you make of it!

The DiXe is recognized in a unique way, is it magic?

Just technology! Approaching the mobile, an electromagnetic fields feeds the NFC chip by induction and the tag responds by modifying it by retro-modulation. No worries for the health, the DiXe emits no waves!

So, i can't play without mobile?

Of course you can, most games can run without mobile and without NFC. But it's so fun to scan his DiXes to see them evolve!

But why did i ever hear about this?

If you have a bus card, a badge at work, a contactless blue card, you already use the NFC! But we are one of the first games to use this technology and for sure the first game of dice!