DiXe: how to play?

To play with your "roller" friends, you just need to buy a DiXe Starter. This one has 6 DiXes that will allow you to start your collection and play all the games of the DiXe Universe.

You can order your DiXe Starter here on the shop.

As soon as you receive your DiXes, if you have an Android phone with NFC technology, you just need to scan a DiXe. You'll be directed to the mobile app in the PlayStore that you can install for free.

A new DiXe scan will allow you to validate it and add it to your collection. In the box you received, a small label tells you the secret code (6-character code) to enter to validate the initialization of DiXe.

If you have a phone without NFC, just look for it and install the DiXe app in the PlayStore.

If you do not have a phone, you can create an account here on the site to manage your collection. You will need to have a Google account beforehand.

To add the DiXe to your collection, you will be able to enter the DiXe code (14-digit code) and the secret code (6-character code) in the "Add DiXe" page.

These codes will never be needed again later.

Once your account is created and your DiXes are initialized, you will be able to access the various features of the DiXe Universe:

  • managing your collection
  • exchanges with friends
  • daily missions
  • rules of the games
  • ...

If you're lucky enough to own an Android phone with NFC technology, you'll also be able to play PuXe and DiXe games with the support of your phone, and take full advantage of the technological innovation that DiXe brings!