What's DiXe ?

DiXe, jeu de dés connectés

DiXe®offers a variety of games based on the use of connected wooden dice: memory games, skill games, strategy games... You'll surely find happiness, the games are suitable for all ages and all levels!

Dice, called DiXes, have different symbols (Yin-yang, Hourglass, Sun, Smiley, etc) and always have on one of their faces a "character" with his own identity and belonging to a DiXe family.

That's not all, in each die is embedded an NFC tag, which allows you to connect your DiXes to the mobile app!

And if you do not have a smartphone supporting NFC technology, don't panic, you can always create your account and upgrade your DiXes directly on the website!

Collect the DiXes, improve their level and go up in prestige to become the best player, or as we say in the DiXe community, the best roller of all time!


In summary, DiXe, what is it?

  • DiXes more fun than others to collect.
  • Games adapted to all ages, at all levels and to play in all circumstances, with family or friends.
  • A free Android app to manage your collection of DiXes, trade with your friends or challenge them, play online and increase their ranking.
  • And especially a dedicated team that will always offer more new things!

That's for sure, you'll never get bored with DiXe®!