Pi symbol


This magic number rules the world, it is called universe number because, in its infinite decimals, we can find each one of our birthdates, or even our DNA code. It's a number that has traveled between geometry, probabilities and arithmetic. Yet despite its obvious ubiquity you will not see it in all hands.

Within the starters we find it on : Crâne Yorick, Mr Blaireau, Hanuman.

Smiley symbol


The smile ... which says a lot! Everyone knows it, it costs nothing, is contagious and brings so much to the one who receives it. If you lost it, some of DiXe will give you back.

Within the starters we find it on : Crâne Yorick, Arkan Soney, Hanuman.

Bomb symbol


Synonym of trap and foul play in games, the bomb raises adrenaline! If it dissuades you from going somewhere, it is most likely because a treasure may not be far away. Strategists know what counts is not its power but the place where it is hidden ...

Within the starters we find it on : Oni, Crâne Yorick, Mr Blaireau.

Pirate symbol


For a long time this flag reminded pirates. It inspired fear and distrust of those who ventured on the high seas. Today pirates are associated with hackers, and if they are always scary it's because we forget that their first talent is to divert everyday objects from their first use, to give them a second life.

Within the starters we find it on : Oni, Crâne Yorick, Arkan Sonney.

Sun symbol


Some cultures have made it their God. He gives life, makes plants grow. Light us, warm us. Our entire planetary system revolves around him. An indispensable ingredient in DiXe's alchemy. With it, begins and ends the days, with it, will begin your games of DiXes ...

Within the starters we find it on : Mr Blaireau, Arkan Sonney, Hanuman.

Aum symbol


Comes from Sanskrit. A for birth, U for continuation, M for death ... this trinity contains all that exists, yesterday, today and tomorrow. In his image, DiXe is a projection into the future, wooden DiXes, a link to the past, the game, a moment anchored in the present.

Within the starters we find it on : Oni, Crâne Yorick, Arkan Sonney.

Yin-Yang symbol

Yin Yang

This symbol represents duality in a complementary form where nothing is absolute, it associates the moon with the sun, the masculine with the feminine, the ice with the fire. From this subtle mixture is born the perpetually changing equilibrium within a circle that forms the All.

Within the starters we find it on : Oni, Kâla, Mr Blaireau, Arkan Sonney.

8 symbol

Height pool

Players and luck's symbol, at pool this ball itself, will make you win or lose. The eight is composed of two circles that must be perfectly balanced to reah success. As a natural number, it inspired as much the mathematics as the fiction. In some cases, if you lay it down, you will be able to see infinity speaking to the biggest and to the smallest.

Within the starters we find it on : Oni, Kâla, Mr Blaireau, Hanuman.

Hourglass symbol


The hourglass measures time, marks the beginning, and announces the end. Even if it represents the time that passes, on a DiXe it is frozen. It is perhaps that the DiXes come from a dimension where gravity no longer exists and while playing you will not see the time pass.

Within the starters we find it on :Oni, Kâla, Hanuman,