Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka

In the power that resides in everything, the natural and supernatural elements coexist in a circle. The earth, the stars, the sun, the moon, the seasons, the life of man, the bird's nest form a great circle. So it is for every thing where energy moves because the boundary between the visible world and the world of spirits does not exist.

Drawn by: Antoine Duthoit



The sacred monkey is perfect, no one equals it in learning, neither to understand the meaning of the scriptures, nor to move at leisure. It is well known that Hanuman is the ninth author of grammar, the perfect and unarmed warrior, the son of the wind that moves mountains.


This little invisible being, which inhabits the healthy forests, protector of the woods and the trees, would be at the origin of the echo that one can hear in the mountain. It is a symbol of peace and harmony that represents the fragility of nature around us, the universal bond that unites man to the forest.

Mrs Fish

Sliding beneath the surface of waking life, sparkling with the glow of the primordial world, the fish could teach us to pierce the first secret, the one from which we come. Because he is our ancestor, moving between the conscious and the unconscious. When he sleeps, he does not close his eyes, a sparkle in the dark waters of our original material.


The butterfly man seems to appear during the last moments before a gigantic catastrophe. The multiplicity of its description, combined with similar descriptions in many countries since the beginning of the 19th century, seriously complicates the analysis of specialists.

Arkan Sonney

Very difficult to catch, this legendary hedgehog from the Isle of Man will bring you luck and fortune. He holds in his hand a piece of silver of the most rarest and precious. At night, it is supposed to climb on the apple trees to skewer the fruits of its big thorns and thus feed its offspring.


In the Ryukyu Islands, in the extreme south of Japan, the little mushroom comes from itself, nobody knows where it comes from like nobody knows where the wind comes from or why it blows. It proliferates in an invisible, mysterious dimension and can confer on the imprudent traveler a legendary but vegetative longevity.

Cerura Scitiscripta

Throughout the world and since antiquity, the caterpillar embodies the mystery of physical metamorphoses and the most charming transmutations of the soul. His chrysalis is an alchemical vase, the vessel of psychic renewal and spiritual rebirth.

Mister Badger

Surly and solitary, he is nevertheless patient and well-intentioned towards his friends. He is a learned hermit, a good leader and a gentleman. He embodies wisdom and courage. Once spring arrives, Mister Badger sits down on the banks of the river and listens attentively to the secrets of the Wind in the Willows.

Colorado Potato Beetle

This tiny insect is a serious pest, it can destroy whole plantations in a short time. It adapts and resists all classes of chemical substances. In 1877, the first act of phytosanitary legislation in the world was drafted to prevent the invasion of this terrible monster in Europe.


Invested by the forces of fertility, rain and the luminous star, the benevolent Feather Serpent associates the power of the sky and the earth. It combines the bird and the reptile, engraved in the great columns of the temples and undulating on the walls of the palaces, delivering and continually undergoing birth and death.


The voracious Kala requested a victim to Shiva: the god was very angry and asked that the creature devour itself. The glutton began to execute, until only his face and upper jaw remained. Representing Destiny, Kala engages everyone in determining whether his own actions are worthy of the gods.

Audrey Junior

The little flower seller then proposed to showcase an unknown plant he had found on an eclipse day. Intrigued by the strange aspect of the plant, customers flock. It turns out, however, that the plant needs human blood, and the seller experiences every day, as it grows, more trouble to feed it.

The Black Lagoon

The Doctor discovers that the men left behind were massacred. He decides to sink into the black lagoon, unaware that the camp murderer is none other than a prehistoric amphibious creature living in these waters...


Zonbi finds its origins in Haïtian culture and serves to describe the victims of voodoo spells that bring the dead back to life or destroy an individual's consciousness in order to make it slave for eternity.

Skull Yorick

In Shakespeare's « Hamlet », the disillusioned prince attempts to consult poor Yorick, the skull of the king's jester, but there's no more magic in the modern consciousness, prey to existential anguish.


Garuda is the emblem of Indonesia, a fabulous man-bird, chariot driver of the god Sûrya, mount of the god Vishnu, he is considered the king of the birds.

Little Grey

We come in peace! Don't run! We are your friends!

Black Cat White Cat

They are and are not, crossing the nocturnal as connoisseurs, watching from the darkness with their full moon eyes. They chair over the rites and ceremonies of their feline life, come and go as furtively as the fog.


As in a deep meditation, the frog remains motionless for hours, conscious of the world around it: brilliant colors, varied shapes, knotty ornaments and raucous love songs.


Oni would have originally been a spirit that protected humans from evil creatures, but whose proximity with the forces of darkness would have destroyed the peaceful nature. « Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! » « Oni get out! Fortune returns! »

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