Game time:
20 min
Minimum age:
Number of dice:
Number of players:
1, 2

In Puzzle DiXe, you must reproduce an evolutionary puzzle proposed by the application. Each puzzle is unique and adapted to your own DiXes.
Play alone against the clock or with other players around you or on the other side of the world.

Required material

To play Puzzle, you need a set of at least 12 DiXes and a mobile (or tablet) with the DiXe app installed.
You can set up your DiXes set in the application's Deck page.

Setting up

There are 3 game modes in Puzzle:
- a discovery mode that will accompany you in learning the game
- a challenge mode in which you will have to demonstrate all your mastery of Puzzle
- a 1v1 mode where you will be able to challenge your friends

You can launch the different types of games in the "Games" menu => "Puzzle" => "Play".

Do not want to read the rules?
Launch the first level of discovery mode and let yourself be guided in the puzzle game!
Goal of the game

The goal is different for each mode:
- in discovery mode: you have to finish the puzzle
- in the challenge mode: you have to hold as long as possible, the puzzle will be more and more complicated
- in 1v1 mode: you have to solve your puzzle and prevent your opponent from doing the same


The application offers you a puzzle built from your diXes. As the game progresses, new DiXes will be added to your puzzle for different reasons:
- the application that regularly adds DiXes
- the mistakes you make
- your opponent who puts you sticks in the wheels

To advance in the resolution of your puzzle, you must indicate the symbols that allow to glue DiXes between them. In the app, use the symbol frame around the puzzle to give your answer.
Start by looking in your set of DiXes one that is completely right in the puzzle (DiXe for which the application presents you 3 faces).
Once this diXe is found, the answer to indicate is the symbol that sticks to the following diXe. The DiXe becomes transparent and you can move on to the next.

The line of 6 DiXes that you see at the start of the game is the main line.
It is important to understand that it is this DiXes line that must be solved, the other DiXes above and before are only there to bother you and there is no answer to give for them. When you give the answer of a DiXe of the main line, the diXes above and in front will also be automatically validated.

The additional diXes that will fall, will first complete the main line (if you do not have 6 DiXes yet in this line). Then they will be added above and in front to make solving the puzzle more complex.


When 2 DiXes are stuck by their character, they are not necessarily the same characters.


When you have found the answer for a DiXe (that is, the symbol or character of the face that is stuck to the next DiXe), you do not have to give your answer immediately. Since you know the symbol that sticks the 2 DiXes, you can look for the next DiXe of the main line (you know 3 of its faces) ... and so on.
If you manage to give 3 correct answers in a row within 10 seconds between each answer, you will win a bonus that will help you solve your puzzle.
In discovery mode, the goal is to solve the entire puzzle, and thus end up giving the hidden side of the last DiXe at the end of the main line.
In challenge mode, the goal is to hold as long as possible. The game ends when all your DiXes are used in the puzzle or the puzzle has reached the limit of 30 DiXes.
In 1v1 mode, the game ends when one of the 2 players has lost: all his DiXes are used in the puzzle or the limit of 30 DiXes is reached.

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Launch the first level of discovery mode and let yourself be guided in the puzzle game!
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