Super Starter Duo

Category : DiXe

Tags : Wakan Takan , Wood&Stick - Beta

Price:20,00 (Tax included)

PROMOTIONAL on Super Starter Duo pack: -30% !!!

The Super Starter Duo pack allows you to start playing mutliple players to the different DiXes games on offer!

Contains 12 DiXes among which 6 DiXes Starter Wakan Tanka and 6 DiXes Starter Hortus Erbarius.

6 DiXes Wakan Tanka:

Oni + symbols: Pirate, 8ball, Yin-yang, Hourglass, Aum

Skull Yorick + symbols: Pi, Pirate, Aum, Smiley, Bomb

Kala + symbols: 8ball, Pirate, Bomb, Yin-yang, Hourglass

Mr Badger + symbols: Yin-yang, 8ball, Pi, Bomb, Sun

Arkan Sonney + symbols: Sun, Pirate, Yin-yang, Aum, Smiley

Hanuman + symbols: Hourglass, Smiley, 8ball, Sun, Pi

6 DiXes Hortus Erbarius:

Hedge bindweed with symbols: Aum, Hourglass, Sun, Smiley, Bomb

Pumpkin with symbols: 8ball, Hourglass, Aum, Pi, Pirate

Basilisk with symbols: Smiley, 8ball, Pi, Hourglass, Aum

Poppy with symbols: Pirate, Yin-Yang, Pi, Smiley, Sun

Pear with symbols: Yin-Yang, Aum, Hourglass, Bomb, Pi

Lotus flower with symbols: Bomb, Yin-Yang, Sun, Pirate, 8ball

+ 1 Oni Bag: screenprinted canvas bag to store his DiXes!

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