Timothée Scott Les Contrées Imaginaires

Category : Youth novel

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Which child has never dreamed of discovering a passage to a fantastic world in the back of his garden? Which child has never imagined meeting an Elf or a Magician? And when this imaginary intervenes in the reality of our lives, what happens?

My name is Timothy Scott and I will tell you a story that may surprise you or seems absolutely incredible, but it will not leave you indifferent. What I want to say is that each of you can live this kind of adventures, all you need is an adventurous heart and, of course, a little imagination.

First volume of a fantastic and ecological trilogy, "Timothy Scott" takes us to a parallel world where Nature is queen.

The two heroes will have to help the people of this world to defeat an enemy who poisons their lands and threatens the world of humans.

For now the book is only available in french.

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